Employment Alcohol Screening and Testing

Screening employees for Alcohol is fastly becoming a necessary requirement. Some employees test their employees for alcohol because there are various safety or hazardous conditions in the work environment. Some because they have suspicions that an employment maybe intoxicated while on the job. Pre-employment alcohol testing is generally a policy that is in place and is adhered to strickly, especially in work places that have hazardous conditions.

Breath Alcohol Testing

There are several ways to administer a Breath Alcohol Test. Generally, the breathalyzer device is used but it does not measure the employees actual blood alcohol concentration, but instead provides an estimate of the employees blood alcohol concentration. It is true that sometimes breath alcohol testing can lead to a false positive reading. There are several reasons for this false positive result to include electrical interference or moisture.

Urine Alcohol Testing

Another widely used alcohol test being administered by various companies includes Urine Alcohol Testing. Typically, the employee will go to a designated rest room under the HR manager's supervision. In some cases ClearCheks can take on this responsibility to assure that there is no tampering with the sample. There are various different Kits that are available for Urine testing. The results can be provided immediately.

Saliva Alcohol Testing

Salivation can likewise be utilized to test for liquor. Ethanol, a repercussion of brew, wine and spirits, can be identified in the spit. Salivation tests are more costly than urine tests, yet not as costly as hair and blood testing. Spit tests are anything but difficult to oversee however should be prepared by a lab for results to be precise. Salivation tests can for the most part distinguish liquor use inside 24 to 48 hours. A HR chief might be assigned to perform spit tests at work. Some spit tests are accessible as test strips. A HR supervisor may request that a representative embed a test strip in her mouth, after which a HR administrator will separate the example, seal it, and send it off to a lab for testing.

There are other test options, so please contact your ClearCheks representative for more information. Read More