Jon Jones To Meet With Athletic Commission About Failed Drug Test On Feb. 27

It's a date for Jon Jones, as he is set to appear before the California State Athletic Commission this February 27. The former UFC light heavyweight champion will meet with CSAC to discuss about the sanctions the athlete will be facing in light of his failed drug testing result.

Jon Jones scored a Total Knockout on the third round of his match with Daniel Cormier during UFC 214 in July. This was supposed to be the start of his second run as the 205-pound division champ. However, his reign was cut short. He was stripped off his title when his drug test result came positive. Jones failed in the in-competition drug testing which was related to that fight, with the athlete testing positive for Turinabol an anabolic steroid. His victory was immediately ruled a no contest and Jones has been mandated to appear before the California State Athletic Commission on the 27th of February. 

Jones could be facing a looming suspension and fines from the CSAC. But Jones, joined by his camp is strongly denying that the fighter has knowingly taken Turinabol. Malki Kawa who is Jones' manager has said in a recent interview on the "The Lake Thomas Show", that he is certain Jon Jones will be having a match again before the year 2018 ends. Once the issue with the CSAC is settled, Jones is set to have an arbitration hearing, this time with the USADA or the United States Anti-Doping Agency. USADA will have the power to implement sanctions which are independent of the punitive actions given by CSAC.

Meanwhile, the hearing should give the athlete an opportunity to defend himself from the charges filed against him. It will be an avenue for Jones to explain his side on how his test result came to be positive with the prohibited performance-enhancing drug. Aside from possible sanctions from the CSAC, Jon Jones is also facing serious sanctions from the USADA. If USADA will consider this latest incident as the athlete's second infraction, he can be penalized with a suspension that could last up to four years.

It can be recalled that Jon Jones has also previously faced a controversy related to another set of banned substances. During an out of the competition drug testing in connection to his match at the UFC 200, he tested positive for two prohibited drugs - the Clomiphene and Letrozole. Jon Jones was pulled out from the fight. The anticipated fight was supposed to be for the light heavyweight title of Daniel Cormier. Following that drug test failure, the athlete was suspended for a year by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Jon Jones has described the substances as his "dick pills". Still, NSAC has ruled out that the athlete has shown negligence in taking those forbidden drugs.

As for Jones' pending arbitration case with the USADA, there has been no date scheduled yet as of this moment. But one thing is certain, his date with the Athletic Commission is already set - and the athlete must prepare himself for 'a defense'.

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