Employee Background Checks

When it comes to the interview process there are many things that are accounted for in choosing the right candidate, this would include their qualifications, job experience, education and much more. The interview is just a mere step in the hiring process, and yet it is such a necessary and intricate element. However, there are many new candidates who are fabricating their resumes in order to get hired for a job which quite frankly they are not qualified for. They are countless ways that these candidates are embellishing the truth, and lying to their interviewer.

The Facts

  • An astonishing 46% of resumes submitted are said to contain false information.
  • 27% of applicants give false references.
  • 21% of applicants name false degrees.
  • While 70% of college students said they would lie on a resume in order to get a job.

Some of the most common things that applicants are likely to lie about include:

  • Education
  • Employment dates
  • Job titles
  • Technical skills


Even if the false credentials do land that candidate the job, in the long run there is much more harm done to the employee, as well as the company. Overall if it is discovered that an employee has fabricated information on their resume, and immediate dismissal is likely to occur. This is also a waste of time and resources for the company, who then have to seek out a new person to fill that position.

What Companies Can Do

It is becoming clear that lying on your resume has become a common practice. But what are the companies who are in need of job fulfillment do in order to prevent from hiring the wrong person? Though it may seem that lots of applicants find lying on their resume an ok practice, companies are becoming smarter, and more adept to the false information.

One way that companies are beginning to improve the quality of their staff is to have a series of screenings conducted. Screenings such as drug testing, which are taken quite seriously, background screening, and policy development. This can become a very easy and affordable ways that companies are able to ensure the business runs smoothly, while also providing peace-of-mind. Through the screening process businesses are also able to collect online background information that is very useful in determining the history of said applicant. Social media is also a large area that needs to be assessed before choosing a candidate, and with a proper online screening companies will be able to determine which person is right for the job.

Benefits of a Screening

Companies who do end up conducting background screenings are much more likely to hire efficient, productive, and qualified candidates over those who do not. Along with this benefit, they also are able to greatly reduce the risk of employee theft, and embezzlement. Screenings can possibly reveal a history in criminal offenses, and any misdemeanors. This can be especially crucial for nonprofit organizations, youth centers, and school volunteers. Conducting this screening can protect employees and members from being in harms way of sex and violent offenders. Overall it is a huge advantage, to have a screening done before deciding to commit to an applicant, it can save companies tons of money, and protect their image, as well as their employees or members. Please call ClearCheks directly to confirm all information presented. Their professional staff is more than happy to assist you. 

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