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ClearCheks is dedicated to serving your business by providing complete, affordable, and convenient drug testing, background screening, and policy development/implementation.

Our rapid, thorough, and discreet procedures help you protect and maintain your business, property, and peace of mind. DOT compliance, Workers’ Compensation discount filings, Third Party Administrator services, and instant-access online background screening are only part of the timesaving benefits ClearCheks provides.

In addition, ClearCheks fully-qualified professionals offer timely and accurate DNA testing for a variety of needs. Sample collection is convenient with Clearcheks: use our office or our 24/7 on-call mobile service will come to you.

We maintain a strict policy of practice to protect privacy and assure the accuracy of all our lab results. Whether you are an employer hiring a new worker or a landlord looking to rent, ClearCheks makes sure you are getting honest information from your applicants.

We are committed to making a safe workplace possible. We do this by providing comprehensive pre-employment screening services such as background checks, education verification, Social Security background checks, drug screening etc.

Employers who conduct background screening greatly reduce the risk of employee theft, fraud and embezzlement. Background screening may reveal past criminal behavior and save your company thousands of dollars by helping you prevent a bad hire. Additionally, it is important that you protect your employees and clients from sex and violent offenders. Background screening sends a message to your employees, vendors, and clients that you are serious about safety.

New Tenant Screening is vital for property owners. Landlords face many challenges in maintaining their communities. In conjuction with the customary repairs due to wear and tear, owners are always faced with huge costs associated with ‘bad residents’ and the ongoing resident turnover.

The SafeChoice Program is specifically designed for volunteer and non-profit organizations to help protect non-profit organizations from negligence claims, to help ensure safety of other volunteers, children and the elderly, and to help prevent costly public relations nightmares.

Some examples of organizations that can use the SafeChoice Packages are:
  • Church Volunteers
  • Youth Sports Coaches/Refs
  • Hospital Volunteers
  • School Volunteers
  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Scouts

ClearCheks maintains full membership in DATIA, and works in affiliation with National Crime Search and Chromosomal Labs.

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Our professionals work with business owners and management to create and maintain a productive Drug-Free Workplace. In addition, we train supervisors to maintain policies, provide employee education, and Third Party Administrator services. 

In many states, businesses with a Drug-Free Workplace qualify for a significant discount on Workers’ Compensation Insurance premiums; let us file the paperwork for you.


Clearcheks offers thorough and affordable background checks for small businesses, organizations, and property owners. We assist in screening employees, volunteers, tenants and contractors.

Through our partnership with National Crime Search (NCS), we are able to offer our customers a nationwide online instant-search which includes access to over 507 million criminal records, motor vehicle reports, credit reports, and more.  


Clearcheks works with the most trusted lab in DNA Testing, Chromosomal Labs, and can serve you in all 50 states to establish paternity, family relationships, provide immigration documentation and more.

Collection is done by using a painless cheek-swab or through hair follicle testing.

Privacy is strictly maintained throughout the process.

News and Blog Information

Private school to start drug-testing students

Brookstone School, a private school in Columbus, made an announcement on Wednesday about their decision to implement drug-testing for its oldest students. The drug test for grades 8 to 12 students will begin as voluntary for the next school year, but should become mandatory in the following years. Read More

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In Fargo, North Dakota, two separate cases of alleged sexual assaults that took place at two different group homes in Detroit Lakes have stir controversies, particularly regarding background checks. Now, the two men  suspected for the assaults are facing criminal charges. Read More

Jon Jones About Failed Drug Test

The former UFC light heavyweight champion will meet with CSAC to discuss about the sanctions the athlete will be facing in light of his failed drug testing result. Read More

Remove background check loophole for school employees

A lawmaker in New Mexico has said that there are thousands of employees in the schools across New Mexico who have not undergone through a background check. The lawmaker is looking forward to make changes, on what he described as a 'loophole'.Read More

Employment Background Checks

A financial technology company was recently taken aback when a candidate in her curriculum vitae mentioned a hitherto unheard-of degree course. After doing some checks, the company found out that it was a merely two-month course and not a degree as was maintained. Read More

Employee Background Checks

When it comes to the interview process there are many things that are accounted for in choosing the right candidate, this would include their qualifications, job experience, education and much more. Read More

DNA Paternity Testing While Pregnant

If you require a paternity test before birth, ClearChek's professional services can help you get reliable results in a convenient manner. Clearly every women has a unique situation that is particular to her and we work to make sure that the testing fits your situation. Read More

Adoption DNA Test Miami

Whether you are doing an international or domestic adoption it is a very difficult process. But as you persevere through the process of dealing with councilors and finally the judge you are constantly waiting for the Judge to declare that your adoption is complete.Read More

Employment Alcohol Testing Miami

Screening employees for Alcohol is fastly becoming a necessary requirement. Some employees test their employees for alcohol because there are various safety or hazardous conditions in the work environment. Read More

Background Check Miami

Many schools are now unanimously approving changes to their background check policy. After the changes kick in this summer...Read More

Background Check Company

The Idaho House killed legislation allowing FBI background checks on certain state employees. Read More

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The House Commerce Committee voted unanimously this afternoon to introduce and send to the full House a scaled-down version of FBI background check legislation...Read More

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