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DNA Testing for Baby

DNA testing is the most advanced technology in determining the parentage of a person. In a paternity test, the probability of a parent correctly matching is 99.99% when they are biologically related. Read More

HR Technology

A newly developed HR technology is sending a buzz among the Human Resources community recently. The technology is expected to significantly change the game in the HR system special when it comes to background screening process. Read More

Volunteer Criminal Background Checks

Founded by Dan Radcliffe, the International Volunteer HQ or IVHQ was started with the main goal of making volunteering abroad more accessible to everyone interested. Read More

School Background Check

Schools constitute an important part of everyone’s life. The memories which we have of our schools are one of the most cherished ones. However, the scenario has quite changed now. There is a constant fear in parents’ mind for their children. Read More

Taxi Background Check

The lawmakers of Massachusetts stunned the taxi companies and the state by introducing stricter background check rules for Uber and Lyft drivers. Read More

DNA Test

During summer the average number of work related accident increases significantly. In these situations it is very important for a company to firstly make sure that the individual involved is safe, and has been given the necessary treatment. Secondly, to determine whether any drugs or alcohol was involved by using post accident testing. Read More

DNA Paternity Test

If everyone knew the origin of their genes and understood the diversity of them would there be as much racism and prejudice around the world? Is our racial division due to a lack of understanding of what genes are and a lack of knowledge as to where we have actually come from? And if everyone did find out their origin would it actually make a difference? Read More

DNA Paternity Testing

Genetic testing used to be something that was quite difficult to obtain. Not just due to the fact that it was very much expensive, but also you would have to go to a lab or somewhere like that to get the tests done. Now with the advancements in technology, science, medicine and companies like Ancestry DNA you can start the process of finding out your ancestry from your own home. Read More

DNA Genetic Testing

With the new affordability of genetic testing more and more people are getting tested to either confirm what they thought they knew about their ancestry or enlighten a part of their past that they were unsure of. Here we are going to look at part of an interview that was done with Glen Fisher, and Charmaine Royal. Read More

Tenant Background Check

As a landlord renting out your property to a complete stranger is always going to be a very daunting thought. You have no idea who the person is that is about the be living in your house, you also have no knowledge of their financial history, or if that person has a bad past. Read More

Gun Background Checks

For the first time in thirty years the legislators in South Carolina have managed to increase the price of gas tax. They went into the meeting believing that due to the shorter amount of time that they had to complete their tasks they may not get their main issues solved but that was not the case. Read More

Employment Background Checks

A financial technology company was recently taken aback when a candidate in her curriculum vitae mentioned a hitherto unheard-of degree course. After doing some checks, the company found out that it was a merely two-month course and not a degree as was maintained. Read More

Employee Background Checks

When it comes to the interview process there are many things that are accounted for in choosing the right candidate, this would include their qualifications, job experience, education and much more. Read More

DNA Paternity Testing While Pregnant

If you require a paternity test before birth, ClearChek's professional services can help you get reliable results in a convenient manner. Clearly every women has a unique situation that is particular to her and we work to make sure that the testing fits your situation. Read More

Adoption DNA Test Miami

Whether you are doing an international or domestic adoption it is a very difficult process. But as you persevere through the process of dealing with councilors and finally the judge you are constantly waiting for the Judge to declare that your adoption is complete.Read More

Employment Alcohol Testing Miami

Screening employees for Alcohol is fastly becoming a necessary requirement. Some employees test their employees for alcohol because there are various safety or hazardous conditions in the work environment. Read More

Background Check Miami

Many schools are now unanimously approving changes to their background check policy. After the changes kick in this summer...Read More

Background Check Company

The Idaho House killed legislation allowing FBI background checks on certain state employees. Read More

DNA Paternity Test Before Birth Miami

DNA Paternity Test Before Birth Miami. providing complete, affordable, and convenient DNA Paternity Test Before Birth, and policy development...Read More

DOT Drug Testing - Department of Transportation Drug Screening

ClearChek provides DOT Drug Testing for companies that employ safety-sensitive employee. Call today to find out detail information on how we can help your company....Read More

Drug Free Program

ClearCheks has effective drug-free programs. Clearcheks can help your company get started with a drug-free program that are right for you....Read More

How is Alcohol Testing Performed

Alcohol Testing and Alcohol Screening. ClearCheks - Quality Testing and Screening at great Price...Read More

USCG Drug Testing - United States Coast Guard Drug Testing

USCG Drug Testing. Providing complete, affordable, and convenient USCG Drug Testing and policy development...Read More

Driver Background Checks

Like many perceived overnight successes, it’s hard to remember a time when the ride-hailing company Uber wasn’t around. Starting in San Francisco in 2009, it’s had a meteoric rise and continues to expand rapidly and aggressively...Read More

Criminal Background Checks

If you were a pundit in 2016, chances are by now you’re looking for a new career. Because everything the polls predicted to happen, didn’t happen. Britain voting to remain in the EU? Wrong...Read More

Driver Background Check Companies

MA next year would require ride service corporations including Uber and Lyft to perform the strictest background checks within the united states on all of their drivers, in keeping with a deal reached with the businesses on Monday...Read More

Criminal Background Check Miami

The prevention of giving firearms to those who have been criminally convicted, fugitives, and the dangerously mentally ill has prevented more than 2.4 million gun sales since 1994. That is a huge amount. There is no question that the most important thing that can be done to try to reduce gun violence is to make sure that in every state it is a requirement that anyone wanting to purchase a gun has to go through a background check....Read More

New Background Check Policies Miami

The Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) is the primary California law that helps protect employees in the workplace. Employers cannot discriminate between employees and treat them differently on the basis of age (over 40), religion, color, disability, national origin or sex. Many federal and state laws have been implemented to prevent workplace harassment or workplace discrimination.....Read More

School Board Member Disqualified After Background Check

A school in Lodi conducted elections to choose the members of the school. The candidate who won the elections by procuring the most number of votes has now been disqualified from service. This happened when a background check was conducted in view of his tenure as a board member of the school. The Department of Education of the state sent a letter to the school board after a conviction came up during the criminal background check conducted on the candidate, Vincent J Russo.Read More

New Gun Background Check to include Social Security Disability Recipients

People who have been medically proved to have mental problems making them incapable of carrying out their financial transactions will be affected by this new rule. This would mean people who are unable to perform any work regardless of age or gender due to their mental disability will be included in the database. With their inclusion in the NCIS database they would be barred from buying any firearms. Read More

Andrew Hastie and Dan Tehan announce $10 million for welfare drug testing trial in Mandurah

On Wednesday, Social Services Minister Dan Tehan and Canning MP Andrew Hastie have announced a funding commitment of $10 million for a national drug testing trial in Mandurah. drug testing trial in Mandurah

Fingerprint Drug Testing

For years, the use of saliva or urine has become the standard for drug screening of the employees among various firms particularly in the construction industry. These methods usually take a lot of time, and not to mention, are intrusive and embarrassing for the employees as well as the conductors of the test. drug testing companies

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